Class Descriptions

There are different types of yoga classes designed to make yoga available to everyone who has the desire to join a class. The details here will help you choose a class which suits you.


This is a class where you can enjoy gentle stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises all with a little humour too. 

This class is designed to introduce you to the basic yoga positions in a gentle manner. I talk in this class about the physical and emotional reasons and benefits behind the positions, and we practice the core yoga positions for developing better strength and flexibility in the muscles and joints. 

In this class we take the basic yoga positions and develop them into a more dynamic place, looking at the more demanding positions like the headstand, shoulderstand, and introducing the sun salutations to the program. This class can be attended by those people who have a good understanding of the fundamentals of yoga, or after attending a level 1 class are seen to be strong and dynamic individuals who are new to yoga but will benefit from a more demanding class.


Within this class there can be an assortment of people with different needs, and the class will be taught to reflect these needs, with concentration on relaxation, breathing and joint mobility.
This class is suitable for;
-Level 1 & 2 people who are wishing to develop more inner awareness in the

 yoga positions.
-Pregnant ladies (after 3 months)
-Postnatal ladies when returning to exercise (6 weeks plus from birth)

-People recovering from illness or accidents
-Over 60/65s who wish to start exercising again to maintain or improve health
This is a general class which people of all levels can join in. Working together with all levels requires each student to practice the postures without ego or competitiveness. There are many levels within 1 posture  to suit beginners and advanced alike, and so each student will be guided to find their own level and to be content with it. The work is in the trying and developing your own personal strength. These classes will generally be following the Sivananda Yoga class each week which works around 12 basic postures. This will enable you to develop knowledge and confidence in the positions at your own level, and to watch your ability improve over the weeks.

For all ladies after the first 3 months of pregnancy until birth.
In this class the focus of the yoga positions becomes about breathing, relaxation, concentration and stretching to encourage space and well being  in the constantly changing body during all the stages of the pregnancy. We have the chance to meet other ladies and share experiences as each pregnancy develops, and to talk about birthing options and key positions that will be of help during labour.


After your babies are born this is a great way to socialize, develop confidence and to stimulate not only the babies but you as a new mother too. This kind of class, whilst focusing on the babies, is also a chance to look and work with your own altered body. It will be a more chaotic atmosphere as mothers and babies will respond to their own needs. The point is to allow you and your baby the freedom to sleep(babies only please !), drink or move freely around in a safe environment where we can encourage movement and awareness for us all. 


MOTHER & TODDLER YOGA (Walking-Talking!)
Yoga classes for Mums and toddlers as those of you with this age group will realise are somewhat hectic, but enjoyable non the less as you see your babies turn into little Yogis. At this age the children are copying the postures that we do, walking around exploring their safe environment, going under us, over us and hopefully (!!) calming down with us. We approach these classes with fun and fast movement between positions that helps to stimulate your childs interest, with music and singing, that will benefit you by stretching out your tight spots as your child becomes heavier to carry or run after !

MUMS & KIDS YOGA (3s-5s)
Yoga classes for this age group is delightful, as the kids enjoy the benefits of developing new skills in a non competitive environment. Mums, Dads or other carers participation is still a key part of the learning and fun here, and not only your child but you will benefit from the exposure to the Yoga asanas (postures) that we do. My aim here is to teach a fun class, that will stimulate the kids with a mixture of asanas, singing, personal and partner yoga positions, which you will find of help in your daily life. The benefits of yoga for this age group include: Fewer tantrums - Better sleep - Improved digestion - Higher self esteem - Increased listening skills - Better self expression - Improved physical development - Easier relaxation - A healthy and physically fit lifestyle. 

Specialist Tree huggers and look !!!... Downward dog no hands

KIDS YOGA (5s-10s) 

Children at this age are learning to move their bodies in coordinated and active ways, and are energetic and enthusiastic to say the least. This class offers the children a fun environment to enjoy a non competitive exercise class, and to practise speaking English out loud. This develops confidence in themselves physically and mentally. We work with exercises for breathing, stretching, developing strength, balance, coordination and relaxation. Unlike the adult classes this is rarely a quiet class though!!



Young peoples yoga classes are run in a similar way to the adult classes, only we work with more positions and often more challenging ones that stimulate and suit the activity level of the group. This is the age of big change, when bodies are growing so fast it is hard to keep up with where arms, legs and thoughts are!!  Regular Yoga class at this time is an opportunity to develop good posture, good exercising habits and lots of confidence. We talk in English about the benefits of proper exercise, proper relaxation, proper breathing, proper eating, and the benefits of positive thinking and meditation, as well as enjoying the physical challenges of Yoga.