- What do you need for a Yoga class ?! Until you have decided that Yoga is the excercise for the rest of your life there are always basic quality yoga mats available at classes for you to use. Please bring blankets in the winter for the final relaxation. Wear something that is totally comfortable for you to be sat on the floor in. No shoes required.

- It is wise not to eat at least 1-2hours before class starts, as positions are stimulating your internal organs which can be unconfortable with food in there. A fruit shake or power shake would be a great idea if you are worried about being too hungry.

- Please do ask your doctor before you begin Yoga classes if you are not sure that you should be exercising, and be sure to let us know if you have any health problems that we should know about, so we can be of help. (All information is confidential)

- Always work at your own level and ability in class for your own safety, Yoga is non competitive.

- Yoga asanas (postures/positions) can sometimes be uncomfortable mentally and physically, however it should never be painful. Learning to relax well at the end of each class will also prevent muscle ache the next day, and improve sleep quality. The benefits over time will be very apparent.


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