Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies include a wide range of treatments and courses that can help aid in physical or mental recovery from events in your life. They can also simply be enjoyed to maintain a happy healthy life, encouraging you to stay fit and active along the way.

In my personal experience I have found that when you are recovering from injuries, a balance of physical exercise, physiotherapy, and holistic therapies, combine to encourage motivation and determination to fully recover from the problem you have. Have faith & enjoy.... Clare


Find beauty in everything you see....

Pain Management : Yogis believe that pain is in the mind......sharp pain is a warning of something that you need to look at, but long term pain is not necessary!! Good news yes ....but how can we do this?!!

Here you will find a small selection of meditations and videos to help you connect mind and body to take you on a journey to beat pain from the inside out.....you have nothing to loose, so check them out and see how it can help 

Chronic Pain Management meditation 

Guided Meditation-Relieve Physical pain