Health Visitor (from UK)

Sue is a wonderful, highly trained staff nurse and health visitor from the UK, who is specialised in the needs of families and their children from birth-5 years old. In the UK there are weekly free clinics at the local doctors offices. This is a non judgemental space where parents/carers are welcome to go along and discuss anything that is concerning them, or that they would like advise about the things that the doctors just don't have time for.

Sue is a warm, caring and very approachable woman, who has been of great help to myself with my own young son, with excellent advise, and fun & loving child care for me to rely on. She is semi permanantly living here on Rhodes, and is never gone for too long, thank goodness  

You will find Sue available regularly at all the babies and childrens classes that I run, as a fun extra pair of hands, and to be able to talk to after the class about anything you need.

You can also arrange to meet Sue privately in your own time or arrange for her to join you for any other mothers group activites or creches.

We are very lucky to have such a mind of wisdom on all child and parenting issues that come up in these early years.....never feel alone on your family journey....just contact me and I will pass on details.

Sue Hall Bsc (Hons) RN RHV
Retired District Nurse and Health Visitor (UK) : – Masari, Rhodes

Need help with:-
    •    breastfeeding support (UNICEF trained)
    •    bottle feeding
    •    management of colic/reflux
    •    weaning/introduction to solid foods
    •    baby massage (individual or group)
    •    behaviour management/tantrums
    •    toilet training/sleep routine
    •    informal developmental assessments
    •    postnatal mood assessment/listening visits
    •    childcare/babysitting service
    •    holistic care for sick relative