Life Coaching

Life Coaching Workshops with Allazo ... Inspiring Change

Inspired by the simplicity and well being of the Greek way of life and derived from the word
'change' in Greek, Allazo is run by qualified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and International
Trainer, Karen Shepherd.

Karen encourages and inspires you to make the changes that you want in your personal life,
work or both. If you dont know what you want, but know that 'something' needs to change,
whatever that 'something' is, Karen will help you find clarity, focus and a new direction.

Karen runs 90 minute life coaching workshops at various locations during the summer, and the Spirit of the Knights Boutique Hotel in the Old Town in the winter, so join us if you are looking for some inspiration and a bit of 'sunshine for the soul'.

Each workshop is 15€ and amazingly worth the money.

To be informed when the next workshops are taking place, just send us an email.

Karen is available for private sessions also : 45€ per session.

Inspiring Change Workshop :
- Do you have balance and harmony in your life?
- Are you spending the time and energy on what matters most?
- Do you maybe need to acquire new skills, change your limiting beliefs or habits or
  adapt your environment?
- Working through the neurological levels of change, Allazo will help you identify and
  achieve the personal change you so desire
- Imagine how great that would feel!

Revive and Refocus Workshop :
- Do you have the motivation to achieve your goals?
- Do you know what truly drives your actions?
- By exploring your personal values and beliefs, Allazo will give you the tools to think out
  loud, visualise success and set some compelling goals for the future
- This is a powerful process so be careful what you wish for

These are active workshops, in safe environments which will inspire you to make any changes
in your life that you deserve. Private life coaching sessions can also be booked to follow up
these workshops to support and inspire you on your road to success.


To read more about what you can expect from the workshops and other opportunities see

Should you wish to arrange a larger group event with us please see or and check out the 2 fabulous 5 bedroom villas, with pools nextdoor to each other near Glystra beach in the south of the island. Both of these villas have good outdoor and indoor spaces for Yoga classes and workshops to take place.

Villas & Other Venues
Feel free to contact us to see if we are available to bring something new to your Rhodes holiday or your life here. We can be booked together for instance to do a day or a week long program of events for you anywhere that is suitable……... put yourself together an idea and we will see what we can do for you.

Be prepared to change your world
We look forward to hearing from you
Karen & Clare xx