What is reflexology?
Many people think that Reflexology is a simple foot massage!
Reflexology is a science! It states that all the organs of the body correspond to reflexes in the feet. A special manipulation of the whole feet stimulates these reflex which allows the body to heal itself! The art and science of Reflexology creates a vibration force which helps  to re-enervate the blocked meridians and energy-canals which are all located in the toes, sole and upper foot.
Reflexology is a very old method of holistic-therapy, already known in Ancient Egypt. It developed with theories and believing, but has not changed in the method of manipulation.

The effects of Reflexology:
* Deep relaxation
* improved circulation
* increased oxygen levels
* efficient distribution of nutrients
These effects enable the body to unblock the energy-canals: cleaning the system, activating the organs... The body is healing itself..
One Reflexology-session whilst very pleasant, will not break through a long term blocked system immediately.
A course of therapies will be needed to get on the healing-level.

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