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SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy (

with JENNY JONES, MICHT, CSP  For information about Jenny please visit her own website where you can also find details of other therapies she is trained in. Jenny now lives in the UK, and travels regularly to Rhodes.

History and Background:
SHEN was developed by Richard Pavek in the 1970's, by an American Scientist and Researcher who, after an intriguing personal experience, felt compelled to investigate the biofield (the field of energy which permeates the body and extends into the aura) and the old established medical beliefs regarding emotions. He discovered that emotions are disturbances and conditions that occur within the biofield that penetrates the physical body as well as the brain. This is unlike the current medical concept that emotions are neurological – e.g. in a part of the brain – and therefore under the control of the brain. Our emotions drive us, and that is why it is difficult to control them by mental effort. How many times do we hear people say things like "driven by anger, frozen with fear" "I am heartbroken", "he’s gutless", "hasn’t got the backbone" "I’m fed up"? This demonstrates that we do feel our emotions in our body. We unconsciously carry around these buried emotions and it takes a lot of physical energy to hold them in. T he tension can often then lead to impaired blood flow, toxin build-up and physical conditions such as chronic fatigue, irritable bowels, PMT, migraines or chronic pain no one can explain. Our emotions become trapped in the body by tension when we are unable to deal with them. We automatically respond to both physical and emotional pain in the same way by contracting our muscles around the pain and in the case of emotional pain, trapping the emotions inside our bodies.
The treatment:

SHEN Therapy is a specific hands-on technique, which is performed with the recipient lying on a special SHEN cradle. The Practitioner places her hands on and around the recipient’s body, directing energy through the body, which encourages contracted muscles to relax. Often the recipient will become deeply relaxed and as the tensions around the trapped emotions loosen, the emotion can surface, and be fully experienced, released and completed. This process is often different to how we usually experience our emotions because we are in a safe place, we may be in a deep state and so we are not having to react to them. This can make the emotions seem less frightening. There is no physical pressure or manipulations involved. It is a safe, reliable and very effective process.

SHEN helps if you are in a traumatic life crisis, suffering from post traumatic stress, emotional depression, panic attacks, recurrent nightmares, eating disorders, out of touch with your emotions, lack of confidence or self-doubts, endless grief, phobias, blocked sexual feelings, unable to leave the past behind, constantly fearful, even when there’s nothing to fear, or if you find yourself constantly overreacting, to mention but a few states and conditions. It helps to break the behavioural patterns that we keep repeating that keep us from moving forward in our lives. Most importantly, SHEN often results in greater self-empowerment and real personal growth.
The session:

After completing a history form about your emotional and physical traumas, the therapist will talk to you about your issues and assist you to connect with them. Then you recline, fully-clothed, on a special SHEN cradle or table. You may feel tingles or other sensations as you relax, fall asleep or enter a state similar to meditation. Often forgotten memories of pivotal events from earlier in your life surface and are re-experienced. You can expect to feel many emotions related to these events as they arise and leave your body but in a new way, a way that you can easily handle.

Usually a series of sessions are required, with a minimum of 3 sessions, but often 10 sessions or more. It works faster and deeper than counselling but there is a process to go through.

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