Yoga Retreat with Swami Sitadevi

4 NIGHT ALL INCLUSIVE YOGA RETREAT : There will be more information about the location of this workshop soon

OCTOBER 2nd (Ghandis birthday)- 6th    

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for this immersive retreat by Swami Sitadevi, where you will experience a fully inclusive retreat program of daily events including Yoga asana(posture) class taught by Clare, Yoga Nidra (relaxation class), the Essence of Tantra teachings, Meditation & Satsang (chanting) all taught by Swami Sitadevi. Included in the program there will be 3 vegetarian meals a day, with fish options, and time to take a swim or relax on the beach each day too. A detailed daily program will be available shortly.                                        

                                               Swami Sitadevi


Swami Sitadevi was initiated into the ancient tradition of Yoga by Paramahansa Satyananda, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga.  She lived in Australia for many years and gave seminars and retreats throughout New South Wales and Queensland.
From 1980 to 1995 she travelled frequently throughout India and Turkey and in 2001 returned to live quietly in Glastonbury.   In 2008 she inspired the twinning between the ancient holy isle of Avalon and the holy isle of Patmos, the first twinning between Greece and Great Britain.

In October 2009 Swami Sitadevi will be giving a Retreat on Rhodes on Vigyana Bhairava, an ancient text from Kashmir Shaivism offering sublime and subtle techniques to enhance our daily lives.  As we use these ancient practices to work with our innate feminine qualities of openness and receptivity we enter into a vast inner spaciousness, allowing a greater understanding of Life itself in the celebration of each moment.
Vigyana means insight, a state of consciousness free from thought.  Bhairava is the fearsome form of Shiva, the destroyer of ignorance and conditioning: Shakti is the Divine Feminine Energy which allows the manifestation of the higher realities to manifest in our lives.

During the Retreat we will be practicing a number of techniques, including trataka and ajapa mantra, which awaken our awareness. These will prepare us for the sublime practice of Tattwa Shuddhi, the Inner Purification of the elements that make up our essence.  Within that deep silence we are guided through the dissolution and re-assembling of these inner elements to reveal a vast spaciousness; an inner spaciousness which is the stepping stone to a greater and more perceptive understanding of Life itself.

Tantra is the transformation of energy to create a space within us for the deeper experiences to arise spontaneously.


Friday      : Evening Satsang and introductory group meal

Saturday/Sunday/Monday - Program coming shortly

Tuesday   : The course will finish with a group celebration meal at 12pm.

COURSE INCLUDES : Accommodation for 4 nights, All food, all yoga classes and all the Retreat program by Swami Sitadevi - 450€

For bookings please Contact us or for further questions about the course content please contact