We are pleased to welcome you to a day of extra outdoor yoga classes
Being the longest day of the year, the auspicious date of the 21st of June has been celebrated for a long time by many cultures on the planet. It has also been announced as World Yoga Day 2012 ,and so we are are planning to enjoy some extra outdoor classes and an evening of sharing with our Yoga teachers and friends.

Come and join us  for some summer sunny yogic fun!

MORNING : OLD TOWN MOAT (Tafros) Next to the Melina Merkouri Theatre 
stage, enter the gates near to the Show center/Canada Str.

9am             OPEN LEVEL CLASS with Clare
10.30am     INTERACTIVE YOGA HOUR with David & Clare
11.30am     YOGI BRUNCH...bring a little food to share (veggie only pls)

EVENING : OLD TOWN MOAT On the grass below D'Amboise gate

7pm            INTERMEDIATE YOGA CLASS with David
8.30pm       LAUGHTER YOGA
9pm            YOGI SUPPER.....bring a little food to share
10pm          YOGI FUN....... a little music, singing & fun )

The Grand Yoga Lineages of India and the Grand Yoga Masters of India met in 2011, December, 4th and 5th, in Bengaluru / India – on the Art of Living Foundation Headquarters, by invitation of Shrí Shrí Ravi Shankar and the President of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation.
During this Summit was Proclaimed the World Yoga Day on the Solstice – June, 21st – the Day of Light and Wisdom associated to it – and with the support of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, and the VYASA - Vivekánada Yoga University – it is a date that does not celebrate any human event, but is a Cosmic Auspice, a Day that highlights the relation between the Earth and the Sun, and by consequence with the Galaxy and the Cosmos, and it Is sang in all the Cultures that have always been unquiet with the observation and study of the Surroundings where they belong, in all times and in all continents.
The Summit was impressive not only because it was something that had never been done before, for on the History of India, the Grand Yoga Masters have never met (in India), but also for the grand plans for the personal development and World Peace that occur during this World Event.
High moments of this Summit were the Declaration of B.K.S. Iyengar: “… on my quality of the eldest Yoga Teacher from India, and the World, and as President of the only Yoga Institution created by the Government of India, the Yoga Teachers Association of India, and appointed by the Indian Government – proclaim the World Yoga Day on the Solstice June 21st”; and also the Proclamation made after the closing of the works by all the Grand Masters and Teachers present – enhanced with the vocalization of a continuous       / (OM), with all the present standing and holding hands.
The World Yoga Day – an initiative of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation and of its President, exists indeed, and it’s commemorated since 2001 / 2002 in Portugal, and on many others places in the World. The steps taken to make it official on the National and International (UNESCO / ONU) Instances now will be redoubled by the Yoga representatives of Portugal and India.
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