Art of Living

H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar established the Art of Living Foundation in 1982 to promote self development and health related educational programmes, many of which feature the Sudarshan Kriya technique. To date, his programmes have been enjoyed by millions in more than 145 countries.

Today Sri Sri teaches internationally, reminding us that the great spiritual transitions have common goals and values. His simple message of love, practical wisdom and compassion continues to inspire people from all walks of life, and he encourages everyone to follow their chosen religious or spiritual path while honouring the path of others.

"The only true security that can be found in this world," says Sri Sri, " is in the very process of giving love."

There have been 3 Art of Living workshops in Rhodes, and each one was a great success. We look forward to seeing members of the Greek team in Rhodes during this winter for more events, see below for details....Om

(To be informed when there are meetings and visits from the teachers in Athens please let me know and I will put you on the email list.)

NOVEMBER 25th/26th/27th 2011

(English follows)
Kalispera, fili, files!!
Katerina edo, kai ithela na sas enimeroso gia to epomeno Meros 1 Seminario tou Art of Living pou organonete sto Nisi mas. Aftin tin fora se ena iremo kai fisiko perivallon, ston Ai Gianni, stis Kalythies! Elate na mathoume na xrisimopioume ta pneumonia mas, kai na anapneusoume ton katharo aera!
Se andithesi me proigoumena seminaria, to singekrimeno tha ginei sto diastima monaxa 3 imeron, opote elpizoume na volepsei osous to dinaton perisoterous!!
Episis, ektos apo tin prosfora '2 gia enan' pou pragmatopoiite (deite parakato), an exete idi kanei to proto meros tou seminariou, plironete mono 50 euro gia na to epanalavete.
Daskala einai i glikitati Areti apo tin Kriti, poy sigoura exei polla orea mistika na moirastei mazi mas!!
Diadoste to loipon!!
Φίλες και φίλοι
Θα πραγματοποιηθεί το σεμινάριο του Art if Living η Τέχνη της Αναπνοής (Part I) στη Ρόδο στις 25 Νοεμβρίου 18:00-21:00 και 26 και 27 Νοεμβρίου από τις 10 π.μ. έως 5 μ.μ, στον Άγιο Ιωάννη, Καλυθιές.
Απολαύστε τρεις συνεδρίες γιόγκα, διαλογισμoύ, συναρπαστικών διαδραστικών διαδικασιών, τεχνικών αναπνοών και χρήσιμων γνώσεων.
Δώστε το 100% σας για τις ημέρες αυτές και η ειδική προσφορά σημαίνει ότι πληρώνετε μόνο € 170 συμβολή, και αν φέρετε ένα φίλο μπορείτε να μοιραστείτε το κόστος, δηλαδή € 85 ο καθένας.
Αν θέλετε να κλείσετε θέση καλέστε την Νίνα στο 6940554264 και Κατερίνα στο 6941637906
 ή στείλτε e-mail στο: και θα σας στείλουμε ένα έντυπο αίτησης και μερικές χρήσιμες πληροφορίες για το σεμινάριο.
Το σεμινάριο θα γίνει στα Ελληνικά και Αγγλικά.
Για μια γεύση του σεμιναρίου.....
Θα γίνει εισαγωγικό εργαστήριο από τις 6-8μμ στις 22 Νοεμβρίου για να μάθετε περισσότερα για τη σειρά μαθημάτων.  Καλέστε μας για διευκρινήσεις και καθοδήγηση στον χώρο μας!
Dear friends!
I am just writing to let you know about the next Art of Living Part 1 seminar that is happening on Rhodes. This seminar will take place at St Ioannis Monastery area in Kalythies, in very tranquil and pure surroundings, from Fri 25th - Sun 27th of November.
The teacher is Areti from Crete, who is eager to meet us all and share her light with us! A great opportunity to be inspired by a new dynamic teacher.
Also, apart from the '2 for 1' offer currently encouraging participants (see below), don't forget that those who have already completed a Part 1 are entitled to follow the course for 50euro.
We hope to see you there! Spread the word!!
Dear Friends
There is an Art of Breathing Course November 25th from 6pm to 9pm and 26th and 27th from 10am to 5pm at Agios Ioannis in Kalithies.
Enjoy sessions of yoga, meditation, fascinating interactive processes, breathing techniques and clear, useful knowledge.
Just give your 100% for the three days and α special offer means you pay just €170 contribution but bring a friend you can share the cost, i.e. €85 each.
If you want to reserve a place just email or call Katerina on 6941637906 and we’ll send you an application form and some useful pre-course information. The course will be in
English and Greek.
If you want to know more…..
There will be a Complementary Workshop from 6-8pm on November 22nd to learn more about the course. Please call for details and directions to the venue.

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