Schedule & Accommodation


We are pleased to announce that we have 6 teachers of Yoga, Thai Chi & Chi Gung already booked into the camp at this time. We will be providing a detailed schedule of who will be teaching where and when during the weeks before the camp. We do have some particular events booked as you will see below. You will find here a basic outline of how the days schedule will be below which you are welcome to join in with as you like.....

6.30 -7.30 am   Morning meditation (Guided)

7.30-9.00 am    Early morning class/es

9.30 am            Morning meeting for all campers

10.30-12pm      Late morning class/es     

12 pm              Lunch

12-5pm            Workshops/Free time for local walks, beach etc

5 - 6.30 pm      Evening class/es

7 pm                Light evening meal

8 pm                Evening Satsang & Events

** Breakfast will be available in the house kitchen as a self service buffet option at any time to suit you **

CLASS NOTES : There may be more than one class available at each class time, numbers and weather depending. Classes will be arranged so that everyone will be able to attend a class that suits their level, and beginners are most welcome. Please bring a blanket to class, and a mat if you have one, we do have lots of spare mats.

CHILDREN & CLASSES : During the late morning class and the evening class there will be someone at hand to look out for any children on site, either myself doing kids yoga, body face painting, or Art with Heike, Music with Pedros, or a nature adventure with other kind karma yogis (camp helpers). Children of all ages are also welcome in all yoga classes if you feel that they can be apart of the class, active or doing their own thing. We only ask for quiet during the final relaxations. At the weekend inparticular there will be family partner Yoga classes available as well as Kids classes. For kids participating in events please make a small donation as you see fit.

EVENTS : MUSIC - There will be 2 music evenings beyond regular yoga satsang evenings each night. Tuesday night, healing and music to mark the departure of our wonderful group of healers. Friday night ....Full moon Yogi music concert

                 HEALING - There will be a workshop to learn basic healing techniques for yourself or others, and a level 2 workshop on either Sunday & Monday.  Saturday 31st & Tuesday 3rd, healing evening  for free for campers or a small donation as you choose (meditation, Chi gung & healing) Workshop donation recommended 25 euros. Any of the healers can be available during the week for a private session for a 15 euro donation. For more info see details on our event page.

                 REIKI CIRCLE - Please let us know which days you are free to join us as a Reiki practitioner, there will be a wonderful visitng Reiki master staying on the camp all week.


Please be welcome to join us for a class or 2 or a night or 2 or the whole week as you can, we will be more than happy to see you there.

DAY TRIPPERS -   1 class/event             5/10 euros 

                              1 day/ own food         20 euros                         

                        1 day incl 1 meal        25 euros

We have a number of opportunities for sleeping available on site now and you can choose what suits you. We will provide air or Futon mattresses, pillows and extra blankets in any of the tents for people travelling to Rhodes. You will need to bring sleeping bags and towels with you please. For those of you thinking of sleeping in our larger event tent dormitory overnight, then please think about a mat/tress or blanket to sleep on too.

OVERNIGHTERS -  1 class or event & dormitory tent sleeping 10 euros

                         2 days & 1 night        40 euros   including breakfast


The house : At the moment there is the lounge dormitory space still available with a large double bed space for a single too and a sofa.  From the 4th April there is a double room available....20 euros per night

The Tents : Dome tents 2 & 4 man tents   FREE

                Tipi & Bell Tent(sleeps 4)     20 euros per night extra per tent

                 Tourag tent (Sleeps 4-8)        40 euros per night extra per tent  

                Emperor tent (sleeps 12)        FREE dormitory tent...this is also our main venue tent for activities.


For students we are happy to offer a 50% reduction on most prices, please just contact us. We are also happy to offer free classes, events for as long as you choose to stay in return for Karma yoga (service) on site. Eg. 1 hour class for 1 hour help in the kitchen/garden etc. If you have any talents to offer the camp we are also interested in this kind of exchange.     


Whether you are planning to come for a day or longer you will find here a list of extra opportunities in case you would like to treat yourself to something with our wonderful visiting practitioner Jenny. Find her details below and you can either book in advance or take your chances on the day. In Euros :
(1 hour) 24.00
Or 20 mins taster session 10.00

REIKI HEALING (1 hour) 24.00
Or 20 mins taster session 10.00

SHEN Physio-Emotional Release Therapy (2 hours)
(see for details) 53.00

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE (approx 50 mins) 20.00

NES Health (Human Body Field Scan) (1½-2 hours)
(based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics, Biology & latest technology
(see for details)
48.00 plus remedies

If anyone has any questions prior to the Retreat please contact Jenny by email on or see her website at

                                             HOW TO GET THERE....

From Town : 30 mins
Head to the airport and follow the coast road through Soroni, Fanes until you reach Kalavarda, follow the road up into the village and towards Salakos. Follow the road up into the mountains and before arriving at the village on a sharp right hand bend you will see the turning to the left to the Suedco farm.
*** Go down this road and when you see the sign post to the right to the farm you will see to the left there is a sign to the Yatra Yoga camp, follow this track and stay to the right (signe posted and the house and olive grove is 2 mins down this track.

From Kolimbia (East coast): 15-20mins
Head towards Profitas Ilias through Archipoli, past the Art park and then head down to Dimylia. Drive through the village and when you see a turning to the left for Salakos take this road. At the next junction (5 mins) turn left again to the village until you see the Suedco farm turning. See above ***

See you soon.... Omm