Free Karma Yoga Weekend


After a great start to our Free Karma yoga weekends there will be another weekend to join in with for those of you who missed out this time at the end of June. The exact date is still to be confirmed and will follow soon..... until then please find here the details of our first event which will give you an idea about what we are doing.... Om
Come and join us up at our new mountain venue in Salakos for events in 2011 and enjoy working on the land,(Karma Yoga) free yoga sessions, food, interesting company and a chance to be a part of our new adventures in this area

For this year we are planning camping weekends in the area, full week retreats for Yoga, environmental building, macrobiotic food seminars, family friendly camps, walking, learning how to live sustainably, working the land, grape production, olive picking and lots of music and fun too.
Life is abundant with new opportunities, and the time is right now to become a part of nature once more and to take our destiny by our own hands and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

We are looking forward to having the opportunity to meet with like minded souls who are seeking to be a part of a new community experience where all opinions and ideas are welcome. Being active is the key, and so there is a basic program of events and opportunities for you to be able to freely join in with us at in Salakos, and just soak in the experience or share with us your thoughts and ideas too.

Our basic program of events will run around the following times, and you are welcome to join us for as little or as much as you feel you would like. Campers or potential over night visitors please do contact us first so we can prepare any necessary facilities:

SATURDAY :  Arrival any time from…………
                     Gardening Karma yoga………
                     Yoga session…………………....6-7pm
                     Group meal…………………......8pm
                     Evening discussions & music

SUNDAY :     Morning Breathing and Yoga personal practice
                    Gardening Karma Yoga………....10am-1pm
                    Light lunch……………………...1.30pm

                    Activities for the middle of the day include :
                    Walking through a wonderful forest trail to the Nymphi
                    Swimming at Kalavarda, Hanging out at the Suedco farm less 
                    than a 10min walk from the land for more chance to meet.

                    Gardening Karma Yoga………….pm
                    Yoga & Breathing………………
                    Final departing time……………

This is a free happening to have the opportunity to connect with those of you who are interesting in the sort of thing that we are doing, please we ask only that you paticipate in at least an hour or 2 of Karma yoga activities on site in return for a Yoga /Breathing / meditation session. Please also bring a little something with you to add to the food table.
Children are more than welcome it is a wonderful environment for them too, just we remind you to take care of them at all times as this is a country side location. There is an opportunity for the children to go out for a nature walk with Pedros an experienced teaching assistant of preschool children & music teacher during the Yoga sessions.

Camping note : Camping will be in the olive grove, and there is an indoor toilet and shower in the upper and lower area of the house. There is also an outdoor shower and a compost toilet for the men. You will need to bring everything with you that you need to be comfortable, and instruments are more than welcome :o)

We believe that the way we are living in an individualistic society is unsustainable and it is creating depression and isolation. It is our intention to bring some simple affordable joys back to people through work and community activities. We look forward to seeing you there and hearing all you have to bring to the table, Peace & Love until then.

For directions and more information please call me Clare on 6946984511